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Everything wrong or right with the world is caused by people. Choose to be someone that is right for the world and focus on adding value.

Ryan Campbell

Experience is a dear school but only there a fool will learn

Abraham Lincoln

I believe in seeing the good. I believe in embracing the lessons and the gifts. I believe that there’s always light inside the darkness.

Prudie H.

The happiest people discover their own nature and match their life to it

Ray Dalio

Let your passion come through and infect other people. Be the fire others warm their hands on

Tom Bilyeu (@tombilyeu)

You have to wear vest in these Twitter streets.

Tyrone Wilson (@calltyrone_w)

Sometimes life gives you a second chance, or even two! Not always, but sometimes. It’s what you do with those second chances that counts

Dave Wilson

Don’t be so right about your life that you don’t live it

Angie Park (@CavemanSyndrome)

Past is a nice place to visit but certainly not a good place to stay


What you fail to learn might teach you a lesson


Without data, we are just another person with an opinion

W. Edwards Deming

Love is not affectionate feeling, but a steady wish for the loved person's ultimate good

Mutiara Atari (@mutiara_atari)

All the craziest people come from the Bronx and all of Florida

Charlamagne tha God

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

George Santayana

Be thermostat, not a thermometer

Jim Kwik

We only know the glass is half full because it’s half empty. We only see the sparkle of the shiny side because of the dirt and grime that coats the other.

Prudie H.

You become your greatest abuser when you tie yourself to people, situations and even jobs that steal your joy and disturb your peace.

Yaneek Page (@yaneekpage)

The first time you fall in love. it changes your life forever and no matter how hard you try the feeling never goes away

Durgesh Gupta (@DurgeshG7)

Don't sacrifice your talent, originality and dignity for someone else's point of view

Vaun V (@VaunVmusic)

If you let broke beat you down, if you let it break you, you’ll never find a way to thrive or even survive

Daymond John (@thesharkdaymond)